P3.91 transparent led display glasses

Model HT -IT3.91
Brand HT
Min order 1
Supply ability 2000 sq.m per month
Payment T/T, western union etc
Port Shenzhen, HK etc
Certification CE, CCC, ISO, ROSE ETC
Place Shenzhen China
Packaging Wooden cases/flight cases
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P3.91 transparent led display glasses

ItemP3.91 transparent led display glasses
Model NumberP3.91
Pixel Pitch3.91*7.81mm
Pixel Density(dots/m²)32768
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED Diode TypeSMD3528
Module size(mm)250*250
Module Resolution(dots)64*32
Cabinet size(mm)1000*500
Cabinet  resolution256x64dots
Average Power Consumption(w/m²)240-800
Scan Mode 1/4
Protection LevelIP21
Refresh Rate1000~1500
Transparent rate>50%
Working temperature-10℃~+40℃
Horizontal/Vertical viewing angle <120°

P3.91 transparent led display glasses


Unique led mounting technology and transparent acrylic panel bring up to 62% transparency. 

Configurable to 62% transparency preserving the view from within the building.

2. Light weight: 

Compact design reduces the display weigh to 12kg/m². Light-weight design allows larger digital 

media facade installations in locations unable to support traditional traditional digital media displays.

3. High brightness:

By day the display packs a powerful 6500nits of brightness, ensuring a vivid image even on the

brightest days. By night the display brightness is adjustable automotically or via software.

4. Easy Installation and maintenance:

No need for installation structure. The module is directly stuck on the glass wall via UV glue 

within 10 seconds. All maintenance can be done indoors.

5. Elegant and fashionable shape:

Clean-cut, crystal clean frame fit for difference glass wall.Glass wall screen will integrate seamlessly 

into the building's architecture. The strip designed module conforms to a building's unique design, thus 

not concealing it.

6. Multi-function system:

The system can support video, graphics, anination, text and live broadcast. Media facade creates 

high-end branding opportunities and is a new way to tell the story.